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School of Architecture and Planning is an Independent Architecture, Interior Design & Planning Institution in Chennai, Approved by Council of Architecture, New Delhi and affiliated to Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation, Salem, Tamilnadu.


To Dream is not Enough, To Dream and Achieve is what is Required.

- Dr. A. S. Ganesan,


Welcome To Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation

Vinayaka Mission's Research Foundation is in striving for Excellence, has always been in the lead in extending Education and Research to the new frontiers of Knowledge.

School of Architecture & Planning (SAP) is established in the year 2015, offering Bachelor of Architecture (5 Years) Program that aims to develop Multi-Dimensional capabilities in the student to meet the complex challenges that lie in Conceptualizing, Formulating, Designing and Executing the Built Environments on Physical, Environmental and Technological parameters.

The Pedagogy at School of Architecture & Planning (SAP) gains its strength from the Faculty, Studio, Built Environment, Laboratory & Workshop, Library, Teaching Material and Inter-Institutional linkages.

The Specialized core Faculty of the School of Architecture & Planning (SAP) is well supported by the Faculty drawn from the Sister Institutions and Departments specializing in their domain areas of Knowledge.

School of Architecture & Planning (SAP) is merely committed in meeting the challenge of Architectural demands through Quality Education and the Qualified Architects.

Our Mission

Creation and provision of High quality Professional Education and socially relevant in a wide range of Interdisciplinary areas of Architecture, Planning, Construction Technology, Sustainability, Urban Design to a large number of students from all sections of the society in the country.

Our Vision

Vision of School of Architecture and Planning is to excellence in Higher Education that continuously responds to the ever changing Social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a People-centered, Ecologically Sustainable and Social Awareness that promotes Professional Ethics, Dignity, Equality, Social Justice and Code of Conduct for all..

What We Do

90% General Contracting

90% Complete

75% Construction Management

75% Complete

99% Design And Build

99% Complete

53% Special Projects

53% Complete